Race Face Atlas Pedals
The flagship pedal from Race Face, featuring a low-profile, lightweight, wide aluminum body with double-concave platform. The svelte design makes it perfect for trail riding, keeping the pedals away from rock strikes. Having a chromoly axle and bottom loading hex traction pins allows this pedal...
Race Face Chester 2019 Composite Pedals
Don't underestimate these pedals just because they're plastic. Made out of a nylon composite material, they're still mighty tough! Also, since��_��_they don't have so many metal parts, they are extremely lightweight too. Comes in all kinds of colours to party...
Race Face Aeffect Pedals
Race Face Aeffect pedals features a thin platform, concave aluminum body with bottom-loading pins. A shorter spindle design shaves weight making it perfect for trail bikes while the chromoly axle and bottom loading hex traction pins ensure it can take...
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