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Maxima Lube Chain Wax Parafilm Formula 118ml (4 fl oz)
CHAIN WAX is a parafilm bike chain lube that goes on wet. It penetrates rollers and side plates, then sets up to a soft, pliable wax. The chain will be encased in a protective layer and shielded from the harsh...
2022 Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon Complete Bike
from SGD$7,720.00
2022 Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon Complete Bike
Get creative with your surroundings. The 5010 turns obstacles into features. Its nimble, poppy feel makes even the most mundane rides feel like they're loaded with features to hop, skip and jump over. It's the kind of bike that makes...
from SGD$7,720.00
2023 Santa Cruz Megatower Carbon Complete Bike
A downhill bike that goes everywhere Seriously. The Megatower’s big wheels, long travel, and tough carbon fiber chassis delivers the high-speed security traits of a downhill bike. Yet the relatively-steep seat tube angle and size-specific geo maintain the Mega’s mega...
from SGD$8,470.00
2023 Santa Cruz Hightower 3 Carbon Complete Bike
THE MOUNTAIN BIKE, DISTILLED The newest version of the Hightower remains our greatest hits of engineering - now further refined and bottled into our most all-terrain of bikes. Big on wheels, medium on travel, short on fuss, this is the...
from SGD$8,240.00
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