Maxima Micro Fiber Towel 3-Pack
Maxima 3 Pack of micro fiber lint free towels Each towel measures 35 cm x 35 cm (13.7"x13.7") and is black with red edges Safe for all surfaces Excellent for polish removal and buffing Great for use with Speed Wax...
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Maxima Waterproof Grease 454g
High performance Lithium complex grease that excels in a multitude of conditions, from light duty chassis applications to extreme conditions such as wheel bearings. Formulated with a high dropping point and a robust antioxidant system, the NLGI Grade 2 grease...
Maxima Assembly Grease (454g)
Specialty high performance assembly grease that excels in a multitude of heavy duty and light duty applications, from building engines to building chassis. The unique calcium sulfonate complex soap thickener combines with a proprietary additive system to deliver unmatched thermal...
Maxima Umbrella
Maxima Umbrella
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