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Magura MT5 Brake Fabio Wibmer Edition 1-Finger HC Lever 2200/2200mm (Both Sides, Full Set)
The new MT5 Fabio Wibmer offers everything that mountain bikers need to hone their biking skills. The powerful 4-piston brake calliper provides massive power and outstanding heat resistance – and the ergonomic HC 1-finger lever blade offers the finest fingertip...
Magura Shiftmix 3 Handlebar Clamp (For SRAM) - Pair (Left+Right)
Magura Shiftmix clamp allows you to attach any M-Series brake with compatible shifters for a clean and tidy cockpit.
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Magura MT8 Raceline Brake 1-Finger HC-Carbolay lever Left/Right 2200mm (Single Side)
Super light and incredible braking force – the MT8 Raceline pushes the envelope of braking performance. It’s perfectly at home in cross country and marathons, so it’s no wonder that world champion Annika Langvad also relies on the neon yellow...
Magura Brake System MT4 Storm 160 F/L (PM) and R/R (IS)
The MT4 is simply an all-round brake par excellence, offering outstanding stability and modulation, both on the road and on the trail. Thanks to its Carbotecture® brake master, the MT4 has a low total weight of less than 230 grams....
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Magura MT8 SL Brake 1-Finger HC-Carbolay lever Left/Right 2200mm (Single Side)
World champions put their trust in it! The competition-proven MT8 SL is a true lightweight that doesn’t compromise on performance. Together with the lightweight Carbotecture SL® brake master, the new 1-finger HC carbon lever blade sets new standards in ergonomics...
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Magura HC Brake Lever Blade 1-Finger Carbolay Left/Right (Single Side)
The popular 1-finger HC lever blade blade is now also available as a carbon version. The lever blade has a comfortable feel and the high-tech material combines ultra-light weight and rigidity, a clear benefit for riders. The HC Carbon lever...
Magura HC3 Brake Lever Blade 1-Finger Aluminum Left/Right (Single Side)
The HC3 is shortened and carries a lot of features for individual adjustments. Every rider can tune in his personal braking feeling perfectly. A unique feature is the adjustment of the leverage which changes the braking power.
Magura MT7 Raceline Brake 1-Finger HC Lever Left/Right 2200mm (Single Side)
First choice for gravity pilots: The MT7 Pro has proven itself in countless competitions – and most recently on the bike of DH world champion Loic Bruni. With four pistons, the MT7 Pro offers the best possible braking performance, while...
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